Make More Meaning for Yourself… That’s Yoga.

One of our resolutions for 2014 is to uncover and cultivate more of the fertile ground that connects our yoga practice to the rest of our passions*. The border between what you do on the mat and what you do in your life is porous—things naturally filter from asana or meditation to the way you approach the dishes, or even a relationship. Everything is always in movement, in cross-pollination, and that’s creative and enriching territory if you’re willing to pay attention and dig a little deeper.

As Douglas Brooks says, “Yoga invites us to experience the possibility that making more meaning is better than resolving to comfortable platitudes or moral imperatives.”

What does yoga mean to you? There are as many definitions of yoga as there are schools of thought about what constitutes a “true” yoga practice. Our feeling at Yogateau is that it is really up to each yogi to discover that for him- or herself. Does it mean doing Bikram exclusively? Maybe. Does it mean tossing a soupçon of Yin Yoga into your Primary Series? Perhaps. The bottom line is that IF whatever you’re doing on the mat brings you more insight, more well-being, more healing, more happiness, more self-confidence, more compassion, more understanding, more meaning… then keep doing it! That’s your “true” practice.