Vive les Vacances !

Photo: Carreau du Temple

Photo: Carreau du Temple

Paris is slowly emptying of Parisians as everyone leaves on holiday. Many yoga studios will either be closed or will lighten their schedules as more and more students and teachers take much needed time off from work and obligations.

• If you are staying in Paris, our latest newsletter has suggestions for places to unroll your yoga mat and spread out.Paris returns to its small village roots in August. Enjoy it!

• If you are leaving Paris, there are some recommendations for taking your yoga on the road. Make yourself a yoga “to go” kit! And if you’re not sure about whether to pack your mat with you, read this.

• If you are already dreading La Rentrée, we’ve dangled a bunch of cool and fun carrots in front of your nose so you don’t despair in the Fall.You are going to want to be in tip-top condition for some of these workshops, trainings and events so keep up your practice!