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New Year’s at the Villa in Côte d’Azur

Hot Yoga Evolution

New Year's 2017 embodies the LUXYOGA ethos that practice is focused and strong and life is balanced and joyful. A week of deep practice and cozy elegance, this is the healthy celebration that reflects your own evolution as modern human who loves to live and but doesn't want spend the week after a vacation reovering. Get "Far From the Madding Crowd" and connect with people who like you, want to improve in yoga, live well, enjoy life, and feel great. All levels are most welcome. 

What is Hot Yoga Evolution? Hot Yoga Evolution is our way of presenting our long-time Hot Yoga New Year's students with a program that honors the past but also expands the potential of the future. Join us for a powerful yoga curriculum effective for practitioners of any style of yoga that goes beyond the 26&2 postures of traditional Hot Yoga to empower you, the practitioner with the ability to know your body and mind in a way that transcends any one style of practice – we consider it Yoga Higher Education: trying harder and harder can only get you so far and this retreat is for those who are ready to turn effort to grace in the hot, or moderately heated room.  

• Traditional 26&2 in a state-of-the-art heated room with anti-bacterial Zebra flooring and Waymat yoga mats. 
Benjamin Sears' signature "Higher Education" Hot Yoga progression series
• Meditation and Pranayama
• Upper body & core strength protocols
• Hips & backbending - complete your practice
• Interactive clinics with augmentative exercises that clarify fundamental engagements
• Our renowned photo posture clinics (a trend we started) 
• The Raja Yoga of modern Yoga: how yoga philosophy can help you
• Self-reflective journaling

OÙ/WHERE : LuxYoga, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup
TARIF/FEE : $2650-$7450 (depending on accommodations)

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