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Beginner’s Yoga en Lot-et-Garonne

A weekend for complete yoga beginners to explore all aspects of the practice, with a cleansing vegetarian diet, meditation walks and time to rest in comfort.

Discover the essence of Sivananda Yoga and its holistic approach to wellbeing and healing. Learn breathing techniques (Pranayama), yoga postures (Asanas), the importance of a yoga diet, positive thinking and how to meditate. All aspects together provide a foundation to build a daily practice from and a knowledge of how the practice affects our body positively.

Improve your digestion, balance hormones, increase mobility, reduce stress, anxiety and appreciate a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

This weekend is suitable for all levels and anyone who seeks the following:
• new to yoga and interested in discovering its health benefits in a non-judgemental environment
• wants to feel healthier
• on the verge of burn-out, over-stressed and in need of a new perspective
• need time to slow down and rest
• you work hard and ready to be looked after with wholesome meals
• need a good night’s sleep, a comfy bed and lots of peace and quiet
• travelling alone or with friends
• love France and going on adventures

More details on retreat available here! 

Fee includes 3 nights accommodation; all nutritious vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks; breath workshop; 5 yoga sessions; use of yoga mats, meditation blankets and straps; guided meditations; Ayurvedic consultation, nutrition and support.

OÙ/WHERE : Little French Retreat, 47130 Montesquieu
TARIF/FEE : £565/person with required £150 deposit