Teautally Cool: La Marinière

We love the graphic impact of stripes: their alternating colors, and the rhythm inherent in their pattern, the way the rhythm speeds up or slows down when it contours the body. Wearing stripes is like walking around enveloped in a jazz improvisation, part of you keeping a steady beat while the rest of you swoops and dives through life.

Yes, all that from a Marinière…

For the last few years, the Marinière has been so ubiquitous, it’s seemed downright trendy. Even American Apparel started making them, in all sorts of stripe combinations. What?

In the end, though, it really doesn’t matter which trend forecaster or cool hunter or fashion designer declares stripes are in; stripes will never go out of style. Just ask Jean-Paul Gaultier or Sir Paul Smith or Daniel Buren or Mario Botta! Certainly, there are differences in the quality, cut and fit of a Marinière, but the essentials of the form—simplicity, comfort and versatility—need no improvement.

I (Martine) have always, always had one or two Marinières in my wardrobe, in t-shirt or sweater form. Marinières are just one of things that have become as indispensable to me as drinking water or wearing glasses. And when are yoga clothing manufacturers finally going to wise up and make things in stripes?

1. Pull Marin “Ancre” (French Trotters)

2. Dachshund Card (Rifle Paper Co.)

3. That's me when I was a kid! My mother embroidered my marinière with an anchor and my name.

4. Commes des Garçons Tee (J.Crew)

5. Sonia Rykiel Appliquéd Sweater (Net-A-Porter)

6. Sailor Tee (Chance)

7. Sammy Seagull Tote Bag (Wayne Pate)