Teautally Cool: Holiday Gifts for Yogis (Part 1)

It’s the holidays and everyone -- including yogis! -- has a Wish List. Just because we’re cultivating Aparigraha doesn’t mean we don’t like to receive nice presents, and this is the time of year to go a little bonkers. My feeling is that any object that rekindles your passion for the practice, or enhances it in some way that makes you look forward to your time on the mat, is valuable and worthwhile. I can’t think of a single yoga practitioner who wouldn’t appreciate one of the suggested gifts.

And check it out: this is only Part 1! More ideas to come next week :-)

1. Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi
If your favorite yogi is vegetarian and searching for recipes that are exciting and bright, Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi is the volume to get. If your gift recipient eats everything, I recommend either Ottolenghi (the first book) or Jerusalem (the newest book.) You cannot go wrong with any of these!

2. Wool Scarf from Jamini Design
Every yogi needs a colorful and warm cocoon during savasana as well as after practice. The happy color of this Jamini Design one is guaranteed to blow away the Winter doldrums.

3. Square Modern Meditation Cushions from YogaConcept
Meditate in both style and comfort! These cushions are covered in Maharam fabrics, and would look chic in just about any interior. Exclusive to YogaConcept.

4. Scented Candles from Diptyque
Available in regular or mini sizes, Diptyque’s two fragrant candles were crafted especially for the holidays. The scents, Encens des Indes and Orange Chaya, seem tailor-made for yogis. 

5. Jivamukti China Gel from Le Yoga Shop Paris
This soothing and cooling pre- and post-practice lotion is the Yogi Secret Sauce to combat tension, muscle aches, you name it… True story: I have a friend who credits this miracle gel with helping her survive a very challening Jivamukti weekend intensive.

6. Groovy Yoga T-Shirts from Skreened
Two unisex t-shirts that say it loud and proud: doing yoga is bad-ass! And yogis are not so serious that they don’t enjoy a clever play on words.

7. Breathe Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson
Who doesn’t need this daily reminder? Comes in natural felt with turquoise writing, or charcoal with white.

8. Recycled Wool Blanket from Manduka
This is what I really want! Sabine at Espace Nataraja recently introduced me to the Iyengar method of doing Sarvangasana with 4 (!) blankets and it teautally rocked my world.


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