The Unknown Hipster is a yogi? Of course he is!

This Saturday at Colette, Jean-Philippe Delhomme will be signing copies of his new, limited edition book, The Unknown Hipster Diaries. The Unknown Hipster was modeled after late 60s/early 70s George Harrison so it’s no surprise that this character is as much into art, fashion and music as he is into Eastern mysticism and yoga (to prepare for the Venice Biennale, for example, the Unknown Hipster toughened himself with meditation.) He has also suggested the book serve as a yoga prop, however this modification is probably best attempted by advanced practitioners.

“You have to stay interested and not care about being interesting.”*

Copies will be available for purchase at Colette, as well as at 0fr (one of Kia from Mysore Yoga Paris’ favorite places!) If you’re not sure what to wear to such a branché affair, Colette has kindly put together outfit suggestions.

* To read a fantastic and inspiring interview with Jean-Philippe, head over to Garance Doré’s blog. The interview is available in both French and English. By the way, you know that Garance is a yogi, right?