You 2.0

Yoga teachers always say that the most efficacious way to change your perspective is to go upside-down, and it’s hard to argue with their logic. In a handstand, your hands become your feet, and vice versa, as you literally flip 180 degrees. When you return to earth—feet where they’re supposed to be, hands hanging at your sides—you feel the transformative power of yoga. Your heart is beating faster, you feel energized and stronger. You are the same pre-handstand person, but it’s as though by changing your point of view, you’ve thrown open a window on all that you’re capable of. And the breeze blowing in is a crisp, more essential you.

A good haircut can have the same effect.

That’s right. A haircut is yoga! You walk into the salon as the 1.0 version of yourself, and you leave as the 2.0 version. The same you, of course, but a you that has been shorn of excess, refined and streamlined into a distillation of your heart. My sister (whose blog you should all be reading) recently decided to add pink to the tips of her blonde hair, and the change in her energy has been palpable. It is as though that color and its joyful spirit have become the visual precipitate of everything she is—happy, playful and curious about everything. You see the pink, and you know: this is someone you’re going to want to talk and laugh with. The pink, like yoga, is simply an access point to the refinement of her exquisite self.

You already know I’m more than a littleobsessed with hair. (I’m not the only one! Check out theseyogis and theirfollicles.) And finally, after eleven months, I got mine cut and I have been dancing around the house ever since. How a stylist could create such magic using two ridiculous iPhone photos (a scan of one of me as a child, the other of supermodel Shalom Harlow whom I do not resemble in the slightest) is beyond amazing. When I look at myself in the mirror, it is with a recognition of truth. It is not just me; it is Me.