Jamini Design: Party and Contest

On Monday, we had the good fortune to check out Jamini Design’s pop-up on rue du Château d’Eau in the 10ème arrondissement. We’ve been intrigued by—and we have to confess, have felt a certain affinity for—the brand’s story which weaves together Indian heritage and French chic in a way that is both sophisticated and contemporary. After falling in love with images online, it was great to finally be able to see things with our own eyes and hands, sniff their new candles, and gain an IRL appreciation for the quality of the textiles and graphic beauty of line.

Right now, you have 2 chances to experience the Jamini universe!

If you are in Paris:Tonight, you can see, touch and even smell Jamini’s products as well as all of the other collections represented by Les Petits Frenchies at the store’s inaugural opening party! The selections have been thoughtfully chosen with holiday gift-giving in mind so come shop for yourself and others while supporting cool, creative French entrepreneurs. And if you need incentive of the liquid kind, Le Coq is partnering with the party which means yummy cocktails are on the menu. Mercredi 20 novembre à partir de 18h, 10 rue du Château d’Eau (10ème). 

Photo: Jamini

Photo: Jamini

If you are not in Paris:No problem! You can still put a little Jamini in your life by entering to win one of the products pictured below. To qualify, do the following before 25 November:

1. Like Jamini's Facebook page
2. Share this post on your Facebook page, telling Jamini which of the products pictured you’d love to win.
3. Cross your fingers, touch wood, light candles, do a little dance and make a wish. 

Good luck! Bonne chance !