Getting ready for vacances…

Vacation equals excitement! And for some, it equals a bit of stress because vacation also means packing, and there are people who hate to pack.

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that I (Martine) have a decidedly MINIMAL style when it comes to packing and travelling. I totally agree with Diane Von Furstenberg’s statement that if you can figure out your suitcase, you can figure out your life. For me, this means making a list, choosing clothes that are versatile (I will be going to the countryside so I will not be wearing anything fancy, nor will I be bringing a shoe wardrobe,) and bringing my yoga mat as carry-on luggage. The essentials…

Some tips:

If you need to keep things wrinkle-free, use this technique

If it’s a 3-day trip, model Andreea Diaconu has good advice for what to bring

Lucky Magazine’s 21 expert packing hacks (#12 is really clever) 

Pack like a Pro: Fathom’s 24 Best Tips (#22 is important if you might be bringing back gifts) 

Some more tips:

• Fill your suitcase a day or two before you leave (this gives you time to assess and reassess)

• Load up your mp3 player with audio yoga classes + good music/playlists

• Limit your color palette so dressing is uncomplicated

• Bring a big scarf (good for savasana, for covering up when it gets a little chilly)

• Leave room in your bag for souvenirs!