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Anatomy for the 21st Century: Fascia + Biotensegrity with Joanne Avison

Photo: Joanne Avison

Photo: Joanne Avison

Connecting the tissue of body, mind and being with Joanne Avison (IAYT , E-YRT500, MSS), author of Yoga: Fascia , Anatomy and Functional Movement.

This practical course will leave you clear as to how and why fascia is so important to you, personally, as a human being and professionally as a Yoga, Pilates or movement teacher.

Fascia is the fundamental fabric of your living, animated form.

When you understand the way it is organized, the essentials of its architecture , its connections and disconnections, you will be able to understand some of the mysteries of living bodies and guiding other bodies to help them move better.

Daily schedule: 12h-20h

This course is about 50% practical , with additional take-home information for reference and is designed for any type of movement teacher. Some people have a very scientific mind, others entirely practical, others more thoughtful and some are just curious about movement and love Yoga and Pilates for its versatility and range.

For many teaching movement is the result of resolving issues in their own lives or injuries they experienced and for many , studying anatomy can be the « boring base-line » that has to be crossed, to tick the « qualified box ».

What if it is thrilling and exciting because it changes the way you feel ? What if you could become so fascinated by what you already sense makes sense , that you discover what you are already doing has a body wisdom of its own ? What if that is the key ? This workshop is fun and practical and you will leave knowing a lot more about how you formed, how you feel your way in the world and why it matters…in your body’s language.

Ce séminaire sera enseigné en anglais et traduit en français.

OÙ/WHERE : Studio Rituel
TARIF/FEE : 325€ (100€ non-refundable deposit required)