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Becoming Awake: Sarva Mastery Training with Michael Hewett (5 sessions)

5 sessions (8, 15, 22 et 29 novembre ; 9 décembre)

Merci d’arriver vers 18h45 pour que nous puissions commencer dès 19h.

1. Settling the Body in its Natural State: How to be Comfortable in Meditation
Learn the four main positions for meditation, how to use the props to support the body, simple pre-meditative sequences, how to work with discomfort and techniques for balancing awareness with attention.

2. Settling the Heart in its Natural State: Using Kindness as a Path to Stillness
Learn how to constructively work with emotions in meditation. Experiencing gratitude, curiosity, kindness and not taking anything personally to create a magical formulae for the unconscious and conscious minds to form a sweet and stable relationship.

3. Settling the Mind in its Natural State: The Art of Balancing Attention, Intention & Awareness
Exploring the first four of the Buddha’s nine stages of meditation. Creating time for meditation practice, honoring where you are, working with mind-wandering, forgetfulness, agitation and dullness, and understanding the dynamics of attention, intention and awareness.

Place is limited to 20 students.

OÙ/WHERE : TDB (16e) 
TARIF : 285€ (5 séances)