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Vari Morales in Paris

Photo: Vari Morales

Photo: Vari Morales

“Most people don’t realize how strong they really are…” so if you want to free yourself from your fears and doubt about your own personal ability and deepen your practice, come and join Vari Morales for these two workshops!

Saturday : Vinyasa flow Masterclass (14h-16h)
A creative and powerful Vinyasa flow with focus on alignment in order to flow safely and energetically through the postures.

Sunday : Flow & creativity playing with inversions & balances (14h-17h)
In this 3-hr workshop, you will learn fundamental tools and techniques to build core, strength and alignment in both inversions and balances.

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Village 
TARIF : 40€ (samedi) et 45€ (dimanche)