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Ayurveda: Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution + Use Ayurveda in Daily Life with Angela Inglis

Photo by Marco Chaparro

Photo by Marco Chaparro

Keep Your Inner Fire Burning Brightly with Ayurveda and Ayur-Yoga! With the Winter season approaching, discover how Ayurveda and Ayur-Yoga can help you maintain mind-body health now and throughout the year.  

Whether you want to maximize energy, manage weight, minimize stress, or cope with physical ailments, Angela Inglis will help you understand how discovering your Ayurvedic constitution is the essential first step in finding the most effective route to a healthier mind and body for you. 

Learn how to determine your constitution and begin using Ayurveda to design your most beautiful life.

*One-on-one Ayurvedic consultations available with Angela: 75€ when booked with workshop/90€ booked without.

OÙ/WHERE : Studio Rituel 
TARIF : 75€ or both workshops 110€ (see here)
INFO/RESERVATION : 01 53 10 86 00 ou