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The Art of Practice with Chrissy Carter

Photo: Beyoga Paris

Photo: Beyoga Paris

Trois ateliers avec Chrissy Carter venue de NYC! Les ateliers sont tous niveaux.

• Friday: "Welcome Chrissy" Vinyasa class (19h30-21h)

• Saturday: Vinyasa Yoga—Go With The Flow (14h30-17h30)
Learn the art of flow and what it means to stay fully present, both on and off the mat. 

Flow is a state of mind. This mindset can be found through intelligent movement, focused attention, and heartfelt practice. In this workshop you will learn how to drop into a state of flow through a clear and honest connection to the alignment of your body, mind, and breath. Fun prop exercises, intuitive sequencing, and accessible yoga philosophy will give you a deeper understanding of how to flow through your practice and your life with intention and ease.

• Sunday: Backbends—Open Up (10h-12h30)
Embrace your limitations and surrender into possibility

Obstacles can be our greatest teachers. Rather than pushing through resistance, we can practice softening into our limitations and opening ourselves up to the lessons they have to teach us. In this workshop you’ll learn the anatomy behind some of the most common obstacles in backbending, alignment and prop variations that meet you where you are, and unique approaches to these postures that will invite your body to embrace a new relationship with your body, your practice, and yourself. 

• Sunday: Inversions—Find Your Center (14h30-17h) 
Integrate your practice and connect to the teacher within

Inversions require a clear and intelligent connection to your center. In this workshop you will learn how to connect to this inner strength through an in-depth exploration of alignment, asana mechanics, and yoga philosophy. Unique and dynamic exercises will teach you how to integrate your practice, tap into a deep inner support, and trust the wisdom within.

OÙ/WHERE : Beyoga Paris
TARIF : 22€ (vendredi), 48€ (samedi), 42€ (séances du dimanche)