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New Year’s Workshop with Rajeev Kahn

Photo: Rajeev Kahn

Photo: Rajeev Kahn

To support your New Year’s yoga resolutions, Rajeev invites you to release 2016 and welcome 2017 with a full spectrum of yoga practices.

Asana / Japa / Shat Karma / Dharana / Dhyana / Postures / Chanting / Purification / Concentration / Meditation

Postures : a mixed level asana sequence to detoxify and re-energize the subtle body energy pathways after the vacation.

Chanting : Japa (repetition) of mantras

Purification : “The Four Purifications” i.e. Nadi Shodhana, Kapala Bhati, Agnisara Dhauti, Ashvivi Mudra

Concentration  / Meditation : setting intentions for the new year

After moving into stillness and chanting into silence, we will sit with our intentions for 2017 allowing time and space for integration of the practice.

OÙ/WHERE : Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche
TARIF : 40€/avant le 23 décembre, 42€ après
RESERVATION : 01 43 54 14 59