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Masterclasses with Patrick Beach

Photo: Patrick Beach

Photo: Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach teaches vigorous and fluid vinyasa yoga that builds strength, creates flexibility and inspires play. Patrick’s teaching goes beyind intelligent alignment; moving any willing student to an introspective, holistic experience that explores the chakras and cultivates mind-body awareness.

Mercredi (20h-22h) : Advanced Flow—Inversions and backbends
Join Patrick for an authentic and freeing practice that emulates the movements of his own physical practice. This class will build up foundational strength and combine it with a series of flexibility-focused postures to help us move into challenging inversions and deep back-bends with a new sense of ease. Have no fear, we will take a lighthearted mental approach to these tough poses and explore the ways to make them more accessible to all bodies. Delve into advanced poses and transitions while seeking a higher level of focus and a new sense of mindfulness. NIVEAU AVANCÉ

Jeudi (20h-22h) : Take Flight—Inversions and arm balances
Going upside down in your yoga practice can be full of freedom and fun, but it can also be intimidating. Learn from creative opportunities within a natural vinyasa flow where you can move into inversions without the anxiety of making them such a big deal. Together we will explore innovative transitions and shed a whole new light on inversions and arm balances. This supportive practice is great for students new to the inversions as well as for advanced practitioners looking to expand their skills and explore new approaches to the inverted asanas. All levels are always welcome, students can expect to work hard, have fun and sweat together. TOUS NIVEAUX.

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OÙ/WHERE : Healthy Warriors (Boulogne)  
TARIF : 55€/atelier