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Inner Yoga Workshop for Teachers

An inner yoga workshop for teachers, recharge for the new year with Melanie Moser.

The call to teach comes with great responsibility—those of us who teach and serve have many students and clients who rely on us to provide a safe and balanced place to let go and open to new experiences in their bodies, hearts and minds. This takes a lot of energy!  A good reason for each of us to be supported ourselves so that we can go deeper into our own strength and divine wisdom.  

Take a moment for yourself to be, as my teacher, Ram Dass says, “In your soul, not your role”. Regroup and re-ground after the challenges of the last year and move forward into 2017 revitalized and ready to give from your highest self. Let go of what does not need to come forward and reset a strong inner foundation based in your own spirit power.  

Join me for guided meditation, restorative poses, discussion and journaling.  

OÙ/WHERE : Omm Studio