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Mysore + Philosophie du Yoga avec Govinda Kai

Photo: Govinda Kai

Photo: Govinda Kai

The Art Of Self-Practice with Govinda Kai 

In this Mysore Masterclass, we will round up the basic elements to creating a powerful and consistent self-practice.

There are few things that are more challenging than self-practicing on a regular basis. Practicing with a teacher is difficult enough, but to practice on one's own presents a whole range of issues that are a test to anyone. 

Without a teacher present, it is difficult to focus and not be distracted by the many elements of one's life, as well as, the thoughts that rise up and engage us from our very busy minds. Understanding just what makes self-practice deep and powerful and being aware of the kinds of challenges that are common will help you to create your own practice that you can keep consistent and life changing.

OÙ/WHERE : Le Tigre Rive Gauche
TARIF : 45€