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Yoga + Personal Development with Tamsin Chubb

Photo: Atma Yoga Paris

Photo: Atma Yoga Paris

This 3-hour workshop with Tamsin Chubb of Little French Retreat explores what stress and anxiety are, how they affect us and how we can improve our resilience by creating balance through all aspects of a yoga practice. We discover how to rebalance our body and mind through yoga postures and breathwork, using positive thoughts to change our vision of the present moment, and looking at how we view the food we eat as another way to reduce stress, taking inspiration from an Ayurvedic approach (the sister science to yoga and practice of natural healing) which enables us to feel more at peace and in harmony with our feelings.

All these aspects together create less internal stressors to help us let go and feel more at ease with difficult situations.

This workshop is for beginners to intermediate level and includes:
• 45 minutes breathing workshop
• 1.15 hours yoga practice
• workshop exploring stress and positive thinking to change our thoughts and approach
• 15 min meditation and closing visualisation

Spaces are limited to 14 participants. Reserve early.

OÙ/WHERE : Atma Yoga Studio
TARIF/FEE : 60€/person