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Free Your Flow in Paris with Alex Kambler


We all have it, the desire to move and flow freely. 

We just need to get close to ourselves, to the earth and gather awareness of our potential and courage. Listen, engage and move.

Everything is moving, everything is in relationship to everything. 

Where are You in it all?

Based in Sweden, Alex offers a Yoga Lifestyle. She teaches the art of fluid movement and invites her yogis to explore the wisdom of the body and to be curious and creative with asana. 

Alex very gracefully weaves in the teachings of the yogi sages and the modern mystics into the flow of movement and inspires wonder into everyday life, using the love of words and encouraging mindful awareness. As one yoga teacher said, Alex creates Yoga Poetry in every class.

In this workshop, we will explore mindfully and fluidly, movement through asana. We will examine our edge and how we deal with challenges. They may not be in the poses themselves. 

Yoga is to help us see more clearly and to act skillfully according to what we see. 

Come move and free your creative potential! Let's find stillness and ease right in the pulsating heart of Paris.

The workshop will be taught in English. 

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Village