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Mantra Yoga: Find Your Own Voice with Atmika Yani Noerren


The journey to your soul through your voice, sound and vibration. Mantra is a Sanskrit word; man is the mind and tra means to transcend, to crossover; to protect. Hence, moving out of your head and overcome all these restless, constant movements of thoughts that are whirling within our minds and connect with that what is real – with our hearts, our soul.

In this workshop, you will get an insight into the sound and vibration of mantra yoga and the language of Sanskrit through chanting mantras. This workshop is for everyone who is open and curious to deepen into yoga practice. You will receive first peek of the pronunciation of the Sanskrit words in the mantras that we will chant and it’s different mouth positions – how to use them in order to pronounce them. You do not need an extraordinary singing voice. The focus is merely about feeling and experiencing the sounds and vibrations of the Sanskrit words. There are no pre-requisites needed or being a linguistic talent or yoga teacher.

Music is yoga of sound and chanting mantras have a very healing effect as well as on your physical body and your energetic body. Especially, it has a calming effect on our nerve system and helps to leads our emotions into a positive direction. Chanting could be a fairly intimate matter and maybe one or the other person can be also shy about it, which is quite natural, because the instrument we use is our own body, our own voice. That is why we have to get to know our own body through our own voice first and build a healthy connection with our body in order to find our voice in a conscious and confident way.

OÙ/WHERE : Caelo Yoga  

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