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Living Ayurveda: Daily Habits for Longevity with Marc Holzman


Ayurveda is India’s 5000 year old health care philosophy and Yoga’s inseparable sister science. At its very core, it guides us towards living in accordance with nature’s rhythms, for this is the key to aging gracefully.

This workshop takes the esoteric theory of this ancient healing wisdom and grounds it into our daily, contemporary lives by exploring:
• History and purpose of Ayurveda
• How to work with the 5 elements and 3 doshas
• Dinacharya : simple, daily routines that will boost your wellbeing and longevity
• How to enhance your digestion
• Using herbs and spices as medicine
• How to become your OWN best self-care giver

Because of its cumulative and sequential subject matter, this two-day workshop is only offered as a unit and not separately. 

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Village  
TARIF/FEE : 90€ (both days)
RESERVATION : Mail a check for 90€ payable to Yoga Village, 39 bd des Capucines, 75002 Paris. Please include your e-mail address, phone number, and a note specifying this workshop.