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Earth to Sky with Karl Straub


Explore the transformative power as well as the lightness and freedom that yoga offers. In this workshop connect with your true nature as we explore both strength and subtlety through asana, pranayama, and deep relaxation. Warm up with precision vinyasa set to great music, then gain insights and fearlessness with arm balances and inversions supported with demos and fun partner exercises. Then dive into the more subtle dimensions with the gentle art of pranayama, and blissful relaxation guided by Karl’s deep voice. Special bonus: an amazing live demonstration of overtone chant!

Karl Straub was born in North Carolina in 1965. He is a graduate of Duke University, a former competitive swimmer and dolphin communication researcher. He served 8 years as a school teacher, and more than a decade in IT consulting. He found business success and a lucrative job in NYC where he lived 6 years. Then a major shift happened in 2004. While on a week-long yoga retreat, he decided to shift out of his business career in order to focus full-time on spiritual and physical well-being. He sold most of his belongings, moved out of his apartment near Central Park, and set off on an odyssey of 8 years in which he traveled only with what he could carry, and kept no apartment anywhere. Over those years he traveled many countries where he studied, practiced, and taught yoga. Karl has taught in more than 40 cities and 12 countries around the world, and he now lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he gives Jivamukti and Hatha Yoga classes.

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