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Female Pelvic Floor: Anatomy, Awareness, Discovery with Sharon Bales

Photo: Sharon Bales Yoga

Photo: Sharon Bales Yoga

Join Sharon Bales for a first of two part workshop series of Female Pelvic Floor.

In this workshop we will discuss the muscular and skeletal anatomy of the pelvic floor and its function in elimination, birth, daily life, and physical exercise. You will finally discover where and what your elusive pelvic floor is exactly. You will also learn to access and breathe with your pelvic floor in order to evaluate your own personal strengths and weaknesses. From this you will discover what you can do to keep your pelvic floor healthy and strong.

If you suffer from pelvic conditions such as: pelvic pain, leakage with sport or laughing, pregnancy/birth/postpartum recovery, painful sex, prolapsed organs.

Bring your friends, sisters, aunts, mom, daughters - anyone with a female pelvic floor can benefit from this workshop.

No yoga experience is required!

Opened to all. In English. 

OÙ/WHERE : Paris Yoga Shala
TARIF/FEE : 40€ ou 2 tickets de votre carnet de cours