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Bhakti Unpacked with Jahnavi Harrison


Come and join Jahnavi Harrison for this unique opportunity! An entire afternoon to explore the Bhakti path and delve into the heart its teachings. Bhakti Unpacked: 5 Ways to Nuture Daily Devotion

Bhakti yoga is the dynamic, beautiful and timeless path of love and service for the Supreme. Though, often misunderstood, it is simple and elegant in its philosophy, yet with a limitless depth and scope for transformation. Join Jahnavi, who was raised in the Bhakti tradition, to explore love in action—looking at five ways to bring devotion into every day life. The workshop will be pragmatic, founded on sacred texts and using discussion, music, meditation, creative writing and movement to unpack these special teachings. 

One of the most powerful of the five limbs of Bhakti is Kirtan and chanting. The workshop will include an extended Kirtan session, as well as a deeper look at the hows and whys of this ancient practise. 

The workshop is suitable both for those without a pre-existing knowledge of Bhakti Yoga, as well as those who have a bit more knowledge and experience.

All are welcome.

OÙ/WHERE : Caelo Yoga  
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