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Vedic Meditation with Nicho Plowman (4 session course)

Photo: Nicho Plowman

Photo: Nicho Plowman

Learn to meditate with Vedic Meditation teacher Nicho Plowman. The course* consists of 4 90-minute sessions over four consecutive days.

For those whom have not yet learnt, this meditation practice is a simple and practical tool for handling the stresses of life. At this particular time in history, there is nothing more important that we can do in our society than to cultivate our own sense of well-being so that we can maintain a healthy perspective on things and make a positive contribution.

• Day 1: Saturday Feb 25 (11h-12h30) 
• Day 2: February 26 (11-12h30)
• Day 3: February 27 (19h-20h30)
• Day 4: February 28 (19h-20h30)

* To participate in the course, you must have attended an introductory talk with either Nicho or Thom Knoles.

The course involves four 90-mn sessions over four consecutive days and the course fee is calculated on a sliding scale in relation to your income. 

If you are an existing Vedic or Transcendental Meditator, you are welcome (and, indeed, it is recommended!) to attend any or all of the sessions on the 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th days.

OÙ/WHERE : To be determined (Marais)  
TARIF : Course fee is calculated on a sliding scale in relation to your income. Please inquire by emailing Nicho.