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Paname Zen: Heart Edition Workshop with Hayley + Meghan

Open mind, body and heart at our pre-Valentine's workshop!

The Heart is the Emperor of the mind-body, and knows how to express itself in a variety of ways. Whether you want to boost your love in your relationship, your love for yourself, or love as a larger concept in caring for the world, come enjoy acupuncture by Hayley Enright and yoga by Meghan Sullivan of Optimystic Movement. This 90-minute relaxing session opens with a gentle series of yoga poses that balances the physical and begins stilling the mental, followed by acupuncture to nourish your heart meridians and help you remember peace. Don't forget the heart-boosting essential oil!

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a water bottle.

OÙ/WHERE : Centre de Danse Rick Odums (Studio I)
TARIF : 40€
RESERVATION REQUIRED : 06 38 26 03 95 or