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Love and All is Coming : Masterclasses with Talia Sutra

Photo: Talia Sutra

Photo: Talia Sutra

LOVE AND ALL IS COMING Paris is a workshop of yoga, reflection and renewal with Talia Sutra. Love is the desire to connect: a process rather than en end goal. In the process of love, we can become silent enough to listen to a more subtle sound or to witness the ordinary as magical…

In each 2-hour workshop, you will both flow seamlessly through postures and unveil the quiet stillness at the center of the practice. All classes include pranayama, meditation, vinyasa, conditioning, demonstration, posture breakdown, deep relaxation. Recharge your practice and discover life-changing tools.

Total Spine Awakening 1 : Backbending for Everyone (mardi 20h-22h)
Total Spine Awakening 2: Backward Bending & Inversions (mercredi 20h-22h)

Spine awakening: Backward bending & inversions

OÙ/WHERE : Healthy Warriors (Boulogne)  
TARIF : 65€/atelier