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Deep Hip Opening + Pelvic Floor Balance with Sharon Bales

Photo: Sharon Bales Yoga

Photo: Sharon Bales Yoga

Un atelier anatomique autour des hanches du bassin et du plancher pelvien.

Join Sharon Bales for a practice to go deep into the pelvis to search out the tension that you are holding and breathe it away. We will move into poses that deeply stretch various muscles in the pelvis, practice being patient with ourselves as we send the breath deep to clear away that tension. We will talk to you about the muscles of the pelvic floor and ask you to mentally observe your own body and learn about your holding patterns. You should leave this workshop with a better understanding of your own pelvic floor and what you can do to tone, stretch and strengthen it.

* For women/pour les femmes.
* Workshop in English, but Sharon also speaks French.

OÙ/WHERE : Paris Yoga Shala
TARIF/FEE : 40€ ou 2 tickets de votre carnet de cours