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Yoga + Gong Bath : Living Yoga as a Way of Life with Leo Cosendai

Photo: Leo Cosendai

Photo: Leo Cosendai

This workshop will guide you through an evening experiencing yoga as a way of life. The workshop will begin with the physical yoga (asana), working on the mindfulness of each breath and the ability to concentrate.

There will also be an opportunity to experience potent kriya techniques such as Trataka, which all induce the state of dhyana, meditation.

Afterwards we will further explore the domain of dhyana and samadhi through an extended gong bath meditation using the potent sounds of the instrument to retune the chakras along the spine.

During this workshop, you will go through most of the limbs of yoga of Patanjali whilst learning tricks and techniques that you will be able to remember and take home with you to make your life more about you and not what is expected of you.

Suitable for beginners and advanced students.

OÙ/WHERE : Ici Self-Care Paris 
TARIF : 60€