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Yoga with Sean Phelps

Photo: Sean Phelps

Photo: Sean Phelps

Jeudi : Handstands & Backbends (20h-22h)
Unlock the bandhas by programming your body with the correct techniques that lead to an incredibly strong, flexible, and gravity defying experience both on and off the mat. Handstands, arm balances, backbends and technical transitions will be covered. All levels welcome!!!

Vendredi : Arm Balances & Hip Openers (20h-22h)
Unleash your hidden flexibility finding your ability to play with 'foot behind the head' and 'lotus' poses with a wide range of deep hip opening movements & 'releasing' techniques. We will combine them with a wide variety of arm balances, counter-balances and technical transitions that lead to awareness, opening, balance and of course strength while floating both in and out of the postures. Bandhas will be activated, fear will melt away and goals will be achieved. All levels welcome!!

All levels/tous niveaux.

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OÙ/WHERE : Healthy Warriors (Boulogne)  
TARIF : 55€/atelier