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Spring Cleaning for the Soul with Rajeev Kahn

Photo: Rajeev Kahn

Photo: Rajeev Kahn

We all spend at least three hours cleaning our homes around this time of year.Join this workshop to clean your body and soul from inside out.

In this workshop Rajeev will teach a deep and challenging asana practice designed to vigorously bring you out of the energetic hibernation of Winter and into the electrifying vibrations of Springtime sprinkled with ojas-filled sweat.

The majority of the practice will be aligned Vinyasa inclusing twists for cleansing and backbends for galvanizing energy. It will also include purifying pranayama for all and chanting that each student can choose to join or to listen.

OÙ/WHERE : Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche
TARIF/FEE : 42€/séance (40€ si prépayé avant le 12 avril)
INSCRIPTION : 01 43 54 14 59 ou