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Hanuman Flow with Alessandra Pecorella

Photo: Eleonora Pecorella

Photo: Eleonora Pecorella

Fly as the monkey god Hanuman that represents the power hidden within. In particular this session will explore how to apply the concept of Shradda, the connection between our belief (what we think we can do...) and our potential (what we can truly achieve!), in our daily life and in our mat practice. With no ego...

We will begin with the story of Hanuman from the Ramayana, then incorporate the symbolism of this incredibly strong warrior into our Sadhana.

Expect a powerful yet deep flow practice that revolves around the opening of the heart centre. 

Alessandra Pecorella is Vinyasa Flow Yoga Senior Teacher @Yoga Alliance Professionals and a Prana Flow Affiliate Trainer.

Atelier réservé aux pratiquants réguliers depuis 1 an ou plus.

OÙ/WHERE : Le Tigre Yoga Club