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Build Your Own Vinyasa Flow Home Practice with Atie Julie


With the holidays gone, you may have noticed that you slipped out of your regular yoga practice. You may need a bit of inspiration to keep you on your mat even when you can't attend a class there are any number of reasons to not be able to get to group classes: business trips, family commitments, fatigue, or just general busyness! Wouldn't it be nice to have a home practice you could fall back on in these cases? But where to begin?

This workshop will help you understand the concept of a home yoga practice and how to build it, either for daily regular practice to cultivate strength or to master a challenging asana (posture). We will cover the concepts and theories behind creating safe and effective Vinyasa Flow sequences that you can continue to explore in the comfort of your own home.

OÙ/WHERE : Affordable Yoga & Fitness (Salle Exupéry)