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Fire and Ice with Niko Geo


Make 2018 a year of balance and transformation and join Caelo Yoga as they welcome back Niko Geo for an exciting afternoon of dynamic and creative vinyasa, pranayama, mudra applications and meditation techniques in this 2-part workshop.

• 15h-16h30 FIRE
• 17h-18h30 ICE
• 15h-18h30 FIRE & ICE

Fire is energising and leads to strengthening and to immediate psychosomatic transformation. Nectar soothes and leads nourishment of muscles and joints with self-care. In this workshop you’ll learn how to invoke and harness these powers within you, through these varied practices. When we connect to the powers of fire and nectar within, we learn how to create an inner space of true self-respect, and through this self-worth, we achieve healthier relationships with those around us.

Join us for one or both sessions! 

• Agni Fire Flow (1.5hrs) A dynamically energising practice of backbends and inversions, with the use of mantras, mudras and pranayama that tests the limits of body and mind to increase vitality, clear the mind and ignite the fire of the heart. Agni is the power of the fire that awakens, forges and transforms the yogi. 

• Soma Nectar Ice Flow (1.5hrs) A juicy hip opening flow with mantras and pranayama to cultivate self-acceptance and inner serenity The alchemy of yoga holds the secret of the harmonisation of the two opposite forces, fire and ice, sun and moon, Ha and Tha, within the psyche of each one of us. Soma is the power of the moon that nourishes the body and soul of the yogi.

OÙ/WHERE : Caelo Yoga 
TARIF/FEE : 40€/Fire & Ice or 25€/individual sessions