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Rebalancing in the New Year with Gillian Grant and Louise Cutler


After the madness of the holidays, too much food, not enough yoga or "you-time", find harmony with this two hour workshop based on mind-body connection. Cultivate balance in your body, mind and soul.

Starting with “laughing yoga” (you won't be able to stop!), connecting with the group and your true self. Followed by an asana sequence that calms the mind, invigorates the body; it will be based on the Ayurvedic principles to balance the Vata Dosha (often hyper-active during the winter months) including grounding postures, a repetitive, meditative flow to soothe your nervous system.

We'll bring the workshop to an end with a long Savasana/Yoga Nidra and a loving kindness meditation to chase away the winter blues.

Come along and find your balance!

OÙ/WHERE : 23 rue de la Sourdière (Salle 2), 1er