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Weekend Workshop with Ron Reid & Marla Meenakshi Joy


Ron and Marla will be back in Paris for an all-levels weekend workshop as well as an Advanced Teacher Training and Intensive. Both courses are compatible with our 300-hour flexible Teacher Training.


Shanti Pulse Vinyasa Class (10h-12h)
This class is set to the Swaha recording of “Shanti Pulse”, a 1 hour and 40 minute piece of music that uplifts and inspires the practice. In shanti pulse, peace chants weave their way through electro-acoustic ambient grooves, while Ron and Meenakshi blend elements of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga into a transformative experience. The blend of prayer, pulse and trance-inducing spaces take us on a journey to find the breath and ride it into both an earthy and transcendental experience.

Finishing School—Head, Neck & Shoulders – Headstands & Shoulderstands (13h-15h30)
Shirshasana, or the Headstand, has long been known as the “King of Asana’s”. By inverting the flow of oxygen rich blood to the crown of the head, and “standing tall”, the brain function is stimulated.

Shoulder stand, similarly, can be considered the “Queen of Asana’s” with its nourishing effect on the thyroid, which has many overall health benefits. By balancing the work of the arms, shoulders, neck and head (in some cases requiring additional support) the significant benefits of these key finishing poses can be maximized.

For the closing sequence in between these two postures, we will explore the full range of movement… that stretches, strengthens and elongates the neck and upper back.

Backbending: from the Floor Up! (10h-12h)  
In order to liberate our energy in backbends, we first need to discover ways of working with the spine that allow us to balance its tendencies into a uniform flow. This requires stabilizing and strengthening in some areas, and extending and opening other areas. We will be exploring some of the poses from 2nd and 3rd Series, as they contain all of the components necessary for developing both deeper and more balanced backbends, as well as exploring what is needed in dropping back and standing up!

Restorative Yoga, Pranayama & The 5 Koshas of Yoga—How Deep is the Well? (13h-15h30) 
In our effort to deepen our yoga practice it is worthwhile to consider that there are many layers to our practice. In yoga, these layers are referred to as “kosha’s“(sheaths) or the 5 bodies. The sheaths are the ways in which we come to understand the world and harmonize it with the innermost Self. The key to developing a deep and satisfying practice is by unifying these layers and incorporating them into our physical practice.

PRICING: Early Registration (before August 31, 2018) – Full weekend: €190 – Individual session: €50 Normal Registration (after August 31, 2018) – Full weekend: €200 – Individual session: €55 Priority goes to those signing up for the whole workshop. REGISTER: Regular registration: Fill and sign the registration form & join a 50% deposit. Please send by (snail) mail, e-mail, or bring at the studio directly if you’re coming to a class. Payment by check, cash or bank transfer.

Note: Priority will be given to those signing up for the full weekend of workshops.

OÙ/WHERE : Ashtanga Yoga Paris
TARIF/FEE BEFORE AUGUST 31 : 190€/full weekend or 50€/individual session
TARIF/FEE AFTER AUGUST 31 : 200€/full weekend or 55€/individual session