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Yin Masterclass + AromaYoga with Louise Cutler


Join Louise for the first Yin Masterclass in the Five Element Series. We'll bring in some essential oils around the theme of grounding and nourishing too as well as some simple self massage techniques!

This time we'll be focusing our attention on the Metal Element which is linked to the Lung and Large Intestine meridians.

The Metal element is affiliated with grief and sadness when it is out of balance. When our minds are busy over-thinking it hinders us from being grounded and impairs harmony between the mind-body connection. Autumn is the time when everything starts to be ready to be harvested after summer, when nature rids itself of what is not needed and sheds its leaves, letting go of what it no longer needs.

The practice will be slow and deep - getting into the essence, some of the most hidden aspects of ourselves. The session will have a meditative quality and we will really focus on turning our energy inwards and LETTING GO in our bodies and minds. The Metal Element represents finding the essence, the purity of each experience - taking that which is fundamental, or that which will take us to our highest path (towards our own essence), and then letting go of all the rest to move forward. Now is the season to prepare for Winter, so it is a time to let go of the outward expressions of summer to a more inward expression. There is almost a palpable sense of heaviness, the energy moving downward, back to the ground, on its inward voyage.

The essential oils used during the practice (for those who wish to use them!) will be beneficial for resting, warming and supportive as well as for stress relief and emotional well-being to help us in our practice.

We will focus on two self massage techniques to help you find better lung capacity, digestion and optimal health.

The class is open to everyone! You may want to bring a notebook and a pen in case something interesting surfaces during the Yin sequence.

OÙ/WHERE : 23 Rue de la Sourdière (Salle 2), 1e