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New You, New Life: Meditation, Revelation, Transformation with David Harshada Wagner


We all know how physical yoga practice can help us to make our bodies strong, flexible and more vibrant. But what can we do to transform our inner beings? How do we heal our hearts? How do we create within ourselves a newness, a fresh and more powerful way of being? 

Inner practices like meditation are a great start, but it goes even deeper than that. In this two evening program, David will share with you inner tools and specific meditation practices to first reveal what needs to be healed or transformed and then actually heal and transform them. He will be training you to do practices that you can continue on your own that will revolutionize your spiritual life and help you to be more of the person you long to be. 

2 Sessions

  • Tuesday November 6 (18h-20h)

  • Wednesday November 7 (18h-20h)

David H. Wagner is a veteran yoga and meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience helping people to heal and transform their lives. He lives with his family in the US and travels widely offering retreats, workshops and training programs for every level of spiritual student. He is a faculty member of Kripalu and Omega Institutes and touches thousands as a featured teacher on Yogaglo.

OÙ/WHERE : Location upon reservation
TARIF/FEE : 40€/one session or 60€/both (suggested donation)