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Urban Retreat with Gérald Disse and Linda Munro

Photo: Ashtanga Yoga Paris

Photo: Ashtanga Yoga Paris

The primary series is also called Yoga Chikitsa, which means Yoga Therapy. It can sometimes be difficult to see this as ‘therapy’ because we often get carried away by the grasping for poses, the desire to accomplish a pose in a specific manner that doesn’t necessarily take into consideration the wishes of our body or we move without being totally present.

This series of workshops is a rare opportunity for all levels of practitioners to learn to slow down, be mindful and develop an advanced understanding of Yoga practices. Advanced Yogis are slow, mindful practitioners. We will focus on learning to do the primary series as a way for healing. Healing all parts of our being; body, mind and breath. The tools we will use will be Kriya & Pranayama (cleansing & breathing), Ashtanga Asanas and Chanting and Conference on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Learn to listen deeply. Learn to be mindful while practicing. Learn to do the poses in ways that respect your individual needs.

Come and practice with Gérald and Linda and enjoy a total immersion in the studio!

Complete programme available here!

OÙ/WHERE : Ashtanga Yoga Paris
TARIF/FEE : 325€
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