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Yin Yoga—Flow for the Hips with Gemma Vassallo


Loosen tight hips, improve your range of motion and circulation, help alleviate back pain and more.

Join Gemma for a 2hr Yin Yoga practice focusing on opening the hips in all directions. Perfect for tight hips with options for flexible hips too, we will increase flexibility and energise the liver/gallbladder and kidney/urinary bladder meridians by stretching these body parts deeply, holding the postures for 3-5 minutes and longer, helping to balance excessive moodiness, irritability, anger and frustration and bring chi (life force) to your joints and tissues.

Suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced. **pregnant ladies** feel welcome to join and we can adjust any posture that doesn’t feel comfortable for you and baby.

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Village