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Magic Shoulders with Krista Cahill


Our skeleton is designed with genius understanding of our need to move the arms freely in all directions. An enormous asset if you climb trees and eat majority fruits as our early ancestors did to survive. Modern times limits our need for movement in large range and capacity. Through practice we exercise the full range of motion in all directions. It feels so free to experience the movement and release of tension from the joints.

The unlimited movement of the shoulder, incredibly free, needs the equal amount of boundaries & stability to ensure balance. Vulnerability of the shoulder is inevitable, this is why we must take care— approach the shoulders gently, whilst playing and exploring. Healthy tension free shoulders are a result of regular practice and maintenance to the health and wellbeing of the entire person. Practice of specific asanas with attention to harmony gives beautiful results to the physical elements of freedom. Our focus will land on the following postures:

  • Downward Dog
  • Plank & Chaturanga
  • Handstand

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Village