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Spring Fire-Water: Prana Vinyasa Flow with Anne and Sasha

Photo: Anne Francin Yoga

Photo: Anne Francin Yoga

As we enter into Spring, we are offering a perfectly balanced practice, blending the energies of awakening Fire and soft and fluid Water Yoga practices.

Fire Practice (solar practice): an invigorating and focusing practice. Fire Practice challenges us physically, but always with honesty and awareness of our limitations. This practice stimulates our self-confidence and dedication through stimulating the internal fire for digestion and circulation. We do this in the Fire Yoga flow through core activation and through playfully going upside down. Expect this practice to purify physical and mental toxin, to release stuck congestion, old habits and patterns in preparation for lighter days. 

Water Practice (lunar practice): the 2nd part of this workshop will start to slow the practice down with a nourishing, fluid and explorative Yoga practice which willrelease and rejuvenate, after the winter months. The water practice is about being guided by your body, letting go of rigidity and invoking conscious, aware movement. Towards the end, the class will shift into stillness and finally into Savasana with divine aromas and neck andhead massages.

OÙ/WHERE : Caelo Yoga