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Elemental Flow: Water with Louise Cutler


Join Louise for a 2-hour workshop and discover Elemental Flow Yoga, we'll focus our energies on the water element. Fun Fact: our bodies are made up of 70% water :)

Water is fluid, graceful, in constant movement; it is connected to our emotions and our ability to remain calm and centred.

Water can be wild and raging, or soft and gentle; it can be soothing or envigorating! This will be our practice during these two hours!

We will start with a calming pranayama practice and silent meditation to find your inner stillness (I'll be using various essential oils during the workshop to enhance your practice).

From there we'll move on to the physical practice which will be graceful and fluid. The intensity will ebb and flow to leave you feeling wonderfully peaceful.

The practice itself will be a flow, you'll find circular movements, repeated asanas or sequences to allow you to find your rhythm and creativity within the group dynamic.

There will be moments where you will be encouraged to move spontaneously, to connect to your emotions and intuition; to find your freedom through self discovery and exploration.

The workshop will end with a beautiful guided water meditation that will send you into a deep, restful Savasana.

The workshop is open for everyone, please bring your own mat and some water ;)

OÙ/WHERE : 23 Rue de la Sourdière (Salle 2), 1e
TARIF/FEE : 20€ cash or Pumpkin payment accepted (06 89 97 57 69)
INSCRIPTION : ou en ligne ici