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Masterclass with Tobie and Klara


Tobie and Klara will be leading three classes:

• Friday evening MASTERCLASS (a calmer flow)

• Saturday TILT YOUR PELVIS, OPEN YOUR MIND (taking a closer look at the pelvis)
We will discuss the modern fascination with fascia—a word often used more with enthusiasm than understanding. We will explore the ‘myo-fascial meridian’ theory and apply it to movement; observing how articulation of distal joints affects these meridians from the outside in, and how control of the pelvis can help us to target these meridians and guide functional movement in a safe and therapeutic way. 

This will be the classic Yin & Yang class: two halves that together complete wholeness. We will be focusing on the polar opposites of Yin and Yang energy taking you on a journey by delving into the continuity of your mental and physical bodies. 

Most of you have met Tobie already either the last years or in Goa :) he is a keen student and practitioner of many types of bodywork and pain relief techniques. (Dynamic & Osteo-thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang & Fascial Release) Whilst he sees Asana as a powerful mental and physical therapeutic tool, he believes strongly in the balance that can be obtained through a well-rounded Yoga practice. 

OÙ/WHERE : Caelo Yoga   
TARIF/FEE : 90€/3 classes, 70€/2 classes OR 40€/1 class