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Journey to the Center of the Breath with Leslie Kaminoff


This weekend of breath-centered exploration with Leslie Kaminoff is a 12-hr Continuing Education Immersion for new teachers and experienced practitioners.


The Diaphragm: Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions About Yogic Breathing
The diaphragm is one of the most important muscles in the human body and is a major focus of yogic breath practice. There are many misconceptions about this vital structure that lead yoga teachers to pass along faulty information to their students. In this session, Leslie will review common diaphragmatic myths using imagery, animation, simple movement practice and inquiry. Expect to come out of it with a more profound and accurate view of the essential role of breathing in yoga and life.

The Yoga of Sound and Phonetics—Power, Expression, Articulation
One of the most effective ways to empower a breath-centered yoga practice is to integrate sound into simple vinyasa flows. In this session, Leslie will review the basics of phonetics using the anatomical map of the mouth embedded in the Sanskrit alphabet.  He will lead students in a simple chanting practice to blend exploration of the relationship between sound, physical support and movement. There will be stillness within the movement, and movement within the stillness.


Hands-On Assisting Lab: Working Therapeutically with Groups and Individuals
Problems arise in yoga practice if we provoke too much movement from too few places. This session explores the alternative: how to promote well-distributed breath and movement. Leslie will lead partnered teaching and hands-on exchanges, group practice sessions and engaged discussions focusing on how to integrate spinal movement with breath mechanics, and how to develop individual strategies for specific issues.

The OM Workshop—Breath, Resonance, Vibration
In a yoga class, one of the first opportunities for students to connect with their teacher is through a shared “OM” but how often do we pay as much attention to the details of this sound as we do to the nuance of asana? Leslie will deconstruct the phonetics of this complex, resonant, sacred vibration. By focusing on the movement of “OM” through our vocal spaces, and playing with its inherent overtones, we will build a practice that can support a lifetime of exploration of this most fundamental of mantras.

Workshops can be taken separately (see prices below.)


  • 9h30-12h30
  • 14h-17h

OÙ/WHERE : Théâtre de la Danse 
TARIF/FEE : 250€/both days OR 135€/day (non-EFV student)