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Detox Yoga + Self Massage with Louise Cutler


It can be challenging to find the time and the money to treat yourself to a massage every time you're feeling a bit tense, as a massage therapist and Yoga teacher, I want to be able to give my students the tools and techniques to take home and use whenever needed. Most of the techniques that you'll learn in this workshop can be done pretty much anywhere, you don't need to have a supply of oils, or where special clothes - I want to help people feel better right where they are!

In this two hour special workshop we'll start with a dynamic, detox yoga class to awaken the body, start the cleansing process (tension is a build up of toxins in the body) and build strength & flexibility. We'll then move on to a 30min Self-Massage techniques workshops where we'll work on the feet, buttocks, shoulders, neck and face - all of which are areas where we generally hold a lot of tension which can lead to other complaints such as sciatica, back pain, poor circulation, headaches and insomnia.

The mix of Yoga and Massage will help to decrease stress, muscle tension and fatigue and improve digestion, sleep and overall well-being and harmony in the body and the mind.

The workshop will be in English, but I speak French fluently if anyone needs help understanding! All levels are welcome!

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Vision 
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