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Thai Massage with Betty Papadopoulou


Thai massage is an act of love. 
Love is not an idea. Love is a frequency.
We can let go and vibrate.

On our palms, we can sense love, together with our doubts and fears, as we gently rest them on the body of another during a Thai Massage session. Embracing our shadows is an essential part of becoming our Soul’s Medicine.

In this 3,5 hours workshop, we will share simple, playful practices and Chi Kong to deepen our internal experience and approach this healing art with a clear and open heart.
Together we will explore the art of touch and practice on some of the most beautiful series of movements, touching the body from the feet to the head.

Betty Papadopoulou was born in Greece in 1970, and has developed a unique blend of Yoga, Thaï Massage and Chi Kong practice that supports health, creativity, inner wisdom and therapy, non-violence, and love and kindness. She uses her drum, guitar, and voice to connect with the clear rhythm of our hearts.

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Village