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Acupuncture + Yoga, Restore Body + Mind with Louise Cutler and Hayley Enright


Acupuncture and Yoga are ancient systems of health designed to maximize the body's potential. In this relaxing 90 minute workshop, Hayley and Louise focus on helping the Heart in its myriad potential. The Heart system is more than just the muscle and the blood vessels. It's no wonder we call it the Emperor in Chinese medicine! Of course it's important for circulation and cardiovacular health, but it also acts on sleep, mental well-being, the ability to speak your truth and connect to others. When your Heart is happy and your blood flows freely throughout the circuit of vessels, the rest of your body-mind can embrace pleasure and know joy.

Louise's gentle yoga (appropriate for all levels) and mini-massage combine with Hayley's selected acupuncture points and essential oil to relax the body and calm the mind, to open the Heart channels and let the Qi flow in its natural direction. If by the end you're too happy to leave, we won't blame you!

OÙ/WHERE : Yoga Sattva